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Which Nutrisystem Plan is Best? Our Top Tips for Deciding

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Nutrisystem is one of the best diet plans for those looking to lose weight. It generally consists of meal plans that are not only easy to follow but are also priced affordably.

It’s generally one of the reliable weight loss systems that have already been tested and proven. For this reason, by following their plans to the letter, you’ll be guaranteed to get good results.

Perhaps you are new to Nutrisystem?

If so, you may find it a bit difficult to select a plan that suitably works for your specific needs. To choose a suitable plan for your requirements, it would help to first break down the various meal plans that you can get from Nutrisystem. The company has a few options to pick from.

Keep reading to explore the best Plans from Nutrisystem

Current Nutrisystem Plans

1. Basic

a meal from Nutrisystem basic

In general, this is the most affordable choice coming in around $9.99 per day, and offers 100+ menu choices. You get 5 or 7 days of Nutrisystem breakfasts, lunches, dinners, as well as snacks that you’ll love on this plan. That said, you can’t pick the meals you want.

These meals are usually chosen for you depending on a certain list of pre-selected Nutrisystem “favorites”. Undoubtedly, this is perfect if you like variety and wish to try new things. But if you would like to select your menu items, you may have to go for Uniquely Yours plans below, since they do allow this option.

You also enjoy the ready-to-go meals alone on this Basic plan. This can’t be compared to the frozen meals and snacks that you receive with Uniquely Yours. That means that your meals don’t have to be refrigerated. As such, it is okay to carry them with you. Nonetheless, some people claim that they do not taste as great as the fresh-frozen meal choices.

You also get 2 days of “Flex Meals” whereby you can prepare your breakfast, lunches, and dinners based on plan guidelines. That means it provides you with a little more freedom when it comes to eating out or simply making your food at home during the weekend. Do you want to take your weekends off? Then this is a great choice.

Additionally, this plan delivers a 1-week jumpstart kit. It will help in kick-starting your weight loss. It will also help you to lose weight super-fast. The latest Nutrisystem studies claim that a basic plan can help you lose up to 18 lbs and 10 inches within your first two months. Additionally, every order comes with Free FedEx Shipping.

This Basic plan also provides you with a Nutrisystem app and free online weight loss tracking tools to help you achieve your goals.

2. Uniquely Yours

a favorite dinner from Uniquely Yours

It’s the next plan up and usually comes in around $11.79 per day. It consists of ready-to-go meals and snacks as well as fresh-frozen entrees. With more than 150 menu choices, this plan is great if you are looking for more pampering when losing weight.

Another advantage? You get to choose your menu. As such, you can choose only the meals that you would like to receive. And since you can select from both fresh-frozen meals and ready-to-go meals, you have a relatively larger menu selection to select from.

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The old Nutrisystem premium plan tends to limit the frozen meals you may receive. With the Uniquely Yours plan, you get unlimited top-rated frozen meal choices.

This plan also comes with amazing desserts – with everything from Red Velvet Whoopie pies to Chocolate Brownie Sundaes!

Once you take a good look at this Nutrisystem menu, you will realize that the top-rated fresh-frozen options generally look a lot more appealing than the conventional ready-to-go meals. Furthermore, they consistently rate much higher with Nutrisystem dieters.

Some of the most preferred meals in this particular category are the Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Turkey with Gravy, Chicken Parmesan, the Pepperoni Pizza Melt, and Chocolate Brownie Sundae.

This plan also allows you to have more access to dietitians, counselors, trackers, and tools than the Basic plan.

There is a similarity with the Basic plan in that you get snacks and meals for 5 days – with weekends off to incorporate your Flex meals. It also assists you to learn ways you can eat to maintain your weight loss once the diet is over. You’ll get tips and hints on meal planning, eating out guidelines, recipes, what to buy, and much more.

And, of course, it will come with the Free Jump-start kit that helps you lose weight fast within your first week. Every order also comes with Free FedEx Shipping.

3. Uniquely Yours MAX+

a favorite dinner from Uniquely Yours Max Plus

It’s the premium plan that comes with all the bells and whistles. Starting at $13.21 per day, it shares many similarities with the Uniquely Yours plan in that you receive your option of Fresh-Frozen entrees. It features new premium meals and is packed with up to 30g protein. It also has 160+ quick and easy menu choices. You get all-in-one dinners filled with protein and nice flavor to ensure you’re feeling satisfied and full. There is no need to add veggies or sides!

Additionally, you get snacks and meals for 7 days rather than 5. That means if you don’t get time to incorporate your Flex meals for 2 days, and instead would want it all done for you, Uniquely Yours MAX+ is the ideal plan for you.

You will enjoy everything on the UY plan – such as unlimited fresh-frozen options, as well as the ability to customize your particular menu and phone or online support.

Don’t forget you get 7 days’ worth of meals rather than 5. This is all for around only $2 more a day compared to the Uniquely Yours plan – which makes it a fantastic value.

Therefore, in case you do not have a lot of time to incorporate snacks or other meals into your daily routine, this Uniquely Yours Max+ plan is a perfect time-saving option. Of course, you will also receive the Free Jump-Start kit, as well as Free Shipping with this particular plan.

Every plan also comes with the option to select the women’s or men’s version of the plan. There’s also a special program made for vegetarians- as well as Basic, Uniquely Yours plans specifically made for diabetics.

4. Partner Plan

You could also team up on weight loss. Starting at $9.99 per day per person, you can get convenient meals delivered directly to you! This is perfect for a family, couples, and roommates! You can get easy and quick menu choices, with ready-to-go meals and snacks. Of course, you also get free shipping.

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Final Thoughts on Deciding Which Nutrisystem Plan Will Work Best for You

Quite frankly, this relies on your budget and goals. In case you have a tight budget, then the Basic plan is a great deal. However, it’s a little limited with the ready-to-go meals. You also cannot select the meals you want – they are chosen for you.

Most people do prefer to choose their meals. They also like the better tasting choices of the Fresh-Frozen meals. In case you require more pampering – perhaps you’ve had terrible experiences with diets in the past – the Uniquely Yours plan is undoubtedly a great option here.

If you also examine the food ratings, you will realize that the Uniquely yours meals are constantly rated much higher compared to the ready-to-go meals. Therefore, the Uniquely Yours MAX+ plan for 7 days or the Uniquely Yours plan for 5 days may be worth it if you’re looking for the best tasting meals when slimming down.