is nutrisystem or south beach diet better

Nutrisystem vs. South Beach Diet

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A Quick Comparison Between South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem…

If you are interested in one of the diets that works on a system that delivers meals to your door, you probably already know about the main competitors in this space which include the Nutrisystem weight loss program and The South Beach Diet.

Both these programs are very similar, but you need to decide on which one appeals to you the most.

Here is more information on each diet, how they compare, and how each one works:

How We’ll Compare South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem

  • South Beach Diet
  • Nutrisystem
  • Expert ratings
  • Similarities
  • Differences
  • Cost Comparison
  • Which Is Better?

Nutrisystem: An Overview

Nutrisystem is a highly popular meal-delivery diet and here is how this eating plan works:

Nutrisystem combines 3 elements to achieve reliable weight loss:

1. Portion Control

You won’t be counting points or calories, as each snack and meal is “perfectly portioned”, where you are told when and what you should be eating.

2. Balanced Nutrition

The meal plans are backed by years of scientific research providing you with the perfect combination of nutrients that will help you to feel energized and full.

3. Frequent Meals

Eating 6 small meals every day helps to keep blood sugar levels regulated and a way to increase your metabolism. You can say goodbye to those 2 pm crashes once you start eating right.

Similar to South Beach, Nutrisystem also includes 3 plan levels. These include Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours. The difference with this diet plan is the fact that you will be paying more should you choose the option of more variety with the menus.

Each of these plans begins with a rapid weight-loss phase which is called “Body Reboot”. These plans include shakes and bars to help you to stick to the diet and put an end to any unhealthy habits with food.

South Beach Diet: An Overview

Named after the famous and popular beach in Miami, this is a keto-friendly diet derived from the well-known book “The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan For Healthy and Fast Weight Loss”. This book was written by Dr. Agatston, a well-known cardiologist.

Here is information on how this meal-delivery version of the diet works.

The South Beach Diet plan guarantees that you will “burn fat and transform your metabolism with a low-carb, high protein diet that will boost your energy”, with more frequent and smaller meals.

The diet offers 3 plan levels that you can choose from. This includes Silver, Gold, and Platinum, if you want more food variety it does come at an extra cost.

This meal-delivery system is advertised as a healthy and safe plan for rapid weight loss. It is made up of 3 phases:

Phase 1: The 14-Day Reboot

Phase 1 is the main portion of this program that involves resetting your body to achieve quick and effective weight loss.

By reducing empty calories and carbs you will change your metabolism and eliminate cravings.

Similar to boot camp, Phase one is the hardest part of the diet that only lasts for 7 days.

Phase 2: Steady Weight Loss

Once you have passed the 1st week, your body should now be ready to start burning fat rather than carbs.

This part of the diet offers more variety which includes vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

In Phase 2 you get to choose one DIY dinner, lunch and breakfast every week. Losing weight is always more effective when you exercise.

This weight-loss plan recommends a few basic fitness tips to help you become more active.

Phase 3: Live it

Phase 3 will mean that you are now at goal weight. By now your metabolism would have transformed and your eating habits should have also improved.

With this part of the eating plan, you are allowed to enjoy all types of foods provided the portions are moderate and you will carry on eating foods that are low in “bad carbs” and high in protein (lean), to help you stay on track with your weight.

On The South Beach Diet you will be eating 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day along with snacks (every 2 to 3 hours) mainly made up of prepared meals, snacks, shakes, and bars.

This approach is designed to keep your blood sugar regulated and to improve your energy levels.

Learn more and check price at South Beach Diet website.

Expert Ratings: South Beach Diet Vs Nutrisystem

U.S News asked an expert panel to rate each diet. This is how each one scored:

From the final verdict, the South Beach Diet narrowly edged out Nutrisystem in a one-on-one comparison. It makes sense, that these diets may not work for everyone, so here is a bit of information on the differences and similarities of these 2 popular weight-loss programs.

Similarities Between South Beach Diet And Nutrisystem

Both these weight-loss programs share a lot of similarities, and they are actually both from Nutrisystem, Inc.

Below are a few of the commonalities shared by Nutrisystem and South Beach:

  • Both these diets are mainly focused around monthly deliveries of pre-portioned meals, that are both high in fiber, and protein and lower in carbs.
  • Both weight-loss programs provide 3 plan options for men and women, with the option to choose more variety in the menus at an added cost.
  • On both meal plans, you will be eating 5 to 6 small meals and snacks every day to help increase your metabolism.
  • Both South Beach and Nutrisystem will include the requirement of supplementing the shakes, bars, and meals with fresh items from your grocery store.
  • Both plans require that you keep track of your progress and meals using their apps.
  • Both meal plans begin with a 7-day plan that is more restrictive to help transform your metabolism, put an end to cravings, and prepare you for the weeks and months ahead of sustainable and more gradual weight loss.
  • On both the South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem, you won’t have to count points or calories.

Both meal plans allow for “flex meals” every week which means you can eat out or cook your own meals for one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner.

The “flex meals” offer you guidelines and practice on improved eating habits that you should carry on using even once you have completed the diet plan.

These meal-delivery diets are very structured in their nature, which is why they are more popular with individuals that find convenience more important than menu freedom.

If you stick to the program, the South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem are both regarded as a good way to lose weight predictably and consistently.

Key Differences Between Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet

Even though these weight-loss programs are extremely similar in many ways, here is what you need to know about the differences:

When compared to Nutrisystem, the South Beach Diet includes fewer carbs and it is keto-friendly.

This ultimately means that the South Beach Diet is slightly more restrictive when compared to Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem includes more carbs which means you will notice items like pizza, pasta, and waffles on their menus, while South Beach provides a lot more vegetable and lean protein dishes.

From many reviews, people have mentioned that the meals on the South Beach Diet are more flavorsome when compared to Nutrisystem, which includes menu options that are spicier.

Nutrisystem also provides special plans for vegetarians and diabetics, while South Beach does not.

The South Beach Diet involves a 3-phase approach, that contains specific differences and goals associated with each phase.

Once you have achieved your desired weight loss in Phase 2 on the South Beach Diet, you will probably stop the meal-delivery option to start preparing your own healthy food choices.

This provides the South Beach weight-loss plan with a more “defined end” when compared to Nutrisystem.

Price Comparison: Is One Cheaper?

Both diets cost between $10 to $12 a day which includes most of your weekly food.

This may mean that it will cost the same as what you are currently spending on food. This has to do with replacing the majority of the food you currently pay for.

Nutrisystem will cost slightly more than South Beach, which works out to around $1 more every day. To find out more, go over to our articles about South Beach Diet Cost and Nutrisystem Cost.

Both these weight-loss plans offer “new customer” promotions that are similar allowing you to lock-in a lowered price.

Final Vote: Which Diet is Better?

As we mentioned above these 2 diets share a lot of similarities. However, the South Beach Diet does include meals that are lower in carbohydrates. Yet this doesn’t mean that the South Beach Diet is better.

When taking other factors into consideration, Nutrisystem costs slightly less, yet the South Beach Diet narrowly beats Nutrisystem on the “Best Commercial Diets” by the U.S News and World Report.

On the latest list, Nutrisystem is ranked #6, and South Beach is ranked #4.

On a side note, some people found it difficult to stay with the “low-carb” food choices once they had completed the plan on the South Beach Diet, making them more prone to picking up the weight they had lost.

So you may still be wondering which plan is better? Experts state that it comes down to personal choice when it comes to the menus. but the South Beach Diet is regarded as a weight-loss plan that is slightly better than Nutrisystem.


Both meal-delivery diets are high in fiber and lean protein while low in bad fats and carbs.

Both diets include eating more often to help regulate blood sugar and curb cravings for carbs, while at the same time boosting your energy levels and metabolism.

While Nutrisystem may be rated as slightly cheaper and higher, the main differences come down to the menus.

If you enjoy occasional carbs such as pizza or pasta, then Nutrisystem might be a better option for you.

If you really enjoy soups, protein bowls, and stir-fries, the South Beach Diet may be the best option for your taste.

If you are still undecided, Nutrisystem costs around $1 less a day. The difference is slight, but when you are on the diet for 6 months or more, this can result in significant savings.