nutrisystem for couples - does it work for partners

Nutrisystem Partner Plan: Does it Work for Couples?

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Substantial weight gain comes with health conditions that can result in adverse outcomes in the long run. Unfortunately, most of the population doesn’t pay much attention to the initial steps of adding weight.

It is until problems start cropping in that they feel it’s time to take some action. Prevention is better than cure, but most people are oblivious to this saying. So what happens when your body accumulates more than the desired amount of fat?

You embark on a weight loss journey. There are different approaches on the internet and in books that people employ. In as much as they could be useful, people lose track along the way.

The reason behind these behavioral changes is a lack of motivation or support system to keep you going. However, there is a solution to these minor problems, the Nutrisystem partner plan.

The Nutrisystem partner plan is a technique that brings together partners to face the weight loss hurdle together. It could be a pair of couples, siblings, parents, children, or even friends.

However, marriage partners have shown exceptional results so far. According to statistics, partners who join this bandwagon affect each other such that if one sheds weight, the other is likely to drop more pounds. The human body responds to mechanisms and changes at different rates. There are no standard measurements to weight the amount of weight loss in participants.

Through consistency and discipline, you can also benefit and give your body an excellent boost to operate sustainably.

Factors to Success: Why it Pays to Partner Up

The first step into this journey is the psychological preparation of new ventures to help them achieve your goal. It is a challenge, but you have to keep your eye on the purpose if you want to succeed. The plan requires you to have a partner. Who else would you rather have than your significant other?

The weight loss journey tends to be successful when you do it alongside people you share with daily experiences, meals, and activities. Once you make up your mind, both of you have to sign up for the program.

The partner plan is a two week, all-round controlled activity. Whatever you will be doing regarding physical activities, eating, and other inclusive methods must be as per your plan. Unfortunately, at this juncture, you have to bid goodbye to all your favorite unhealthy foods.

The plan has different menus you can choose from, including frozen and non-frozen snacks and meals. You need to have a sit-down with your partner and go through the option. It is not all bland food; you don’t need to be worried. The possibilities are all carefully selected in terms of boosting your weight loss steps.

You will be eating a healthy range of foods. The variety includes provisions that will last you for the required duration. The meal plan has food to last you five days a week for the two weeks. Upon deciding on a suitable combination, the planning firm will deliver the foods at your doorstep, free of charge. One challenge that partners face is the diverse interest in food.

While one would be a meat lover, you can find their partner being a vegetarian. Luckily, there’s a weight loss counselor to guide couples through this challenge.

The numerous available options will help both of you customize an ideal menu without creating any differences. The goal is to go through the experience as a team in all possible ways.

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How The Nutrisystem Partner Plan Works

According to the Nutrisystem partner plan, you and your partner have to eat a maximum of six meals in a day. The setup includes breakfast as the first meal, lunch, and dinner.

These are everyday meals. The other three includes snacks in the morning, afternoon, and equally in the evening. The meals come from a variety of options, including flex meals and fresh grocery to boost flexibility. Flex meals include foods that you and your partner have to make, but as per the handbook recipe. Do not worry about getting out of track as you will get a handbook upon delivery of your shipment.

It will guide how on how to operate each day. Apart from the required routine, you get other non-starchy vegetables adding up to four servings each day. The list of options is endless; you only have to pick what appeals to your taste buds. It could be tomatoes, spinach, onions, or celery, among others. Participants also have the option of coming up with homemade snacks at least once ot twice a day.

The snack must contain power proteins or usually termed lean proteins, and a little of carbohydrates. To prevent the plan from being monotonous, members have the chance to dine out. However, it has to be according to the dining out guide. The purpose is only to help you consume the foods within the recommended bracket.

If you think about it, it is two weeks full of adventure. You will spend more time with your partner, getting motivation and challenges, trying out new recipes, and losing weight together.

Nutrisystem Partner Plan Cost: How Much per Month

By partner up when on Nutrisystem, it’s possible to save some money. Here were the pricing details for the Nutrisystem Partner Plan at the time of this writing:

  • $10.36 per Day for Women
  • $11.79 per Day for Men

*Prices are subject to change at any time – see the current prices at the Nutrisystem website

The monetary aspect involved in the Nutrisystem partner plan is pocket friendly. Most people can afford it without having to break their bank. Women joining the system will spend between $234.99 to 339.99 per month.

If you break it down, it’s an average of $8.39 to $12.14. For the men, the prices are slightly higher, considering the higher rate of consumption. The monthly budget falls between $274.99 to $379.99, with a daily expenditure of $9.82 to $1.57.

Since you have to get a fresh delivery each day, you can enroll in the auto-delivery program. If you opt to go by this approach, there won’t be an increment in the prices.

However, if you choose another way, you might have to spend a further 35%on top of original quotes.

Although watching what you eat helps you to achieve this goal, the process can become shorter if you incorporate exercises. The Nutrisystem program has a section where you have to partake in physical activities for at least 30 minutes each day. You can either do it once or split the time into two or three sessions. According to fitness experts, three times, ten-minute sessions are quite flexible and more endurable for everyone.

Even if you are at work, you can manage to work out for ten minutes without interfering with your schedule. The exercising options are numerous. You and your partner have to decide on what to do each time.

You can either go for a walk, jogging, running, or hit the gym. Also, you can access the fitness section if you want to explore diverse workouts.

Summary: The Power of Teamwork?

The Nutrisystem partner plans works if only if you dedicate yourselves and go forward with an open mind. Unlike other weight loss methods, you can incorporate it into your daily routine.

If you have a large family, they can also benefit from the healthy delicacies you decide to take. The trick to making it work is to have a transparent communication platform with your partner.

Go through every step of it, holding hands. Nothing is insignificant. Discuss all aspects in-depth and develop one healthy option. have clear expectations of the program as the body operates uniquely. Above every other thing, be each other’s cheerleaders and equally pose a challenge. You will not make similar strides at the end of the process, but most importantly, you will have achieved the goal together.

Before joining, ensure that both of you have a clean bill of health. Otherwise, experts will guide you through the available plans in case of any medical conditions.

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