how to get maximum weight loss results on Nutrisystem

How to Maximize Weight Loss on Nutrisystem: Our Top 7 Tips

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Home delivery diets have become more popular over the years as people struggle to keep fit and maintain healthy body weight. Because poor diet has been ranked as the leading cause of obesity in the world, home delivery diets have come in handy in controlling the kind of food people eat at home.

Most people hardly know what to shop for when they want to go on a diet, and this is why a customized package delivered to their doorstep is the perfect way to maintain a healthy diet.

There are many home delivery diets across the globe, but Nutrisystem is the top-selling home delivery diet worldwide.

The diet is popular because of how easy and convenient it is to follow.

Nobody wants a complicated diet when they are aiming at losing weight because the harder it is to follow a diet, the higher the chances of failing.

Even though the Nutrisystem diet is easy to understand and implement, some tips come in handy to help maximize weight loss while on a diet.

Top 7 Tips for Maximizing Weight Loss on Nutrisystem

1. Organize Your First Order Correctly

For successful weight loss, it is important to have a plan. When the first Nutrisystem box arrives, all its contents must be organized and arranged as per the diet instructions. It might be tempting to rip the box open and put all its contents in one drawer, but that will only make it harder to follow the diet rules to the letter. Arrange the food items into breakfast, lunch, and supper as per their respective orange, blue and red labels.

Secondly, the snacks, which have purple labels, should be arranged separately. Any items that need to be frozen will be shipped separately, but the color codes remain the same. After organizing the meals properly, it becomes easy to select breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the list of meals provided. The diet is flexible because one can choose any of the meals provided they eat them when they are supposed to.

During the first seven days, the diet aims at jumpstarting weight loss. Participants can choose any meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as the snacks in between. There are also seven shakes to be taken every morning for the first seven days. They should, therefore, be set aside to avoid forgetting them.

2. Consider Limiting Exercise During First Week

The Nutrisystem diet restricts calories during the first week. For that reason, it is advisable to avoid working out during that period. It is also important to give the body time to adjust to the new diet before enrolling in a new exercise program. Exercise should be introduced slowly, starting week two of the program.

As the body adjusts with time, more intense workouts are allowed. Many men and women make the mistake of starting exercise immediately when they enroll in the diet, which can sabotage weight loss. The body may give the brain signals that it needs to hold on to fat because of the calorie restriction combined with rigorous exercise. Therefore, exercise does more harm than good in the first week.

3. Avoid Skipping Meals

Whether one feels hungry or not, everything on the list must be eaten while on the Nutrisystem diet. Smart cabs and Powerfuels are important even in weight loss meal plans. A minimum of 4 servings of non-starchy vegetables like broccoli is also compulsory daily. Some people may be tempted to restrict their calories too much, which only has adverse effects.

Eating too few calories makes the body hold on to fat hence sabotaging weight loss. The Nutrisystem diet provides a meal plan whose calorie intake enables the body to gradually lose weight at a rate of 1-2 pounds every week. Gradual weight loss is considered healthy by researchers because keeping the weight off is easier. Most importantly, eating everything as per the Nutrisystem ensures that the body gets all the nutrients it needs to facilitate weight loss.

4. Follow Nutrisystem’s Daily Water Recommendations

For maximum weight loss results, the diet recommends a total of 64 ounces of water a day. Many people find it challenging to drink all that water in a day. However, putting lemon or some orange slices may make drinking water fun altogether. Another reason why most people do not drink enough water is that they simply forget to. Setting the alarm can go a long way into making sure one drinks enough water throughout the day.

5. Weekly Weigh-ins

The weight loss journey is not an easy one. When trying a new diet, it is normal to get anxious and want to know if the diet is really working. Newbies on the Nutrisystem diet confess to weighing themselves more than once a day. However, that is not advisable as it only worsens the anxiety and increases the chance of giving up on a diet hence failing.

Additionally, the body weight fluctuates throughout the day, depending on the food eaten as well as the salt and spice content of the food. Other causes of weight fluctuations include hormones and weather conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that participants of this diet weigh themselves once a week, on the same day and at the same time. It is also good to weigh with all clothes off to make sure the readings are accurate.

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6. Connect with Your Nutrisystem Counselor

Support is very vital for a successful weight loss program. In fact, it is hard to follow through with a weight loss diet without an accountability partner. Luckily, Nutrisystem provides its participants with a weight loss counselor to walk with them through the weight loss journey. The counselors are very helpful when one needs professional diet advice.

For members who are new to Nutrisystem, it is normal to have questions about the various meals and how they aid in weight loss. Sometimes, one may need advice on how to keep on track when on vacation or when traveling away from home. A Nutrisystem counselor is the go-to in all such situations. They answer questions professionally and in a friendly manner offering the needed support for weight loss.

7. Trust the Process

The Nutrisystem diet program has been proven to work. It is essential to, therefore, be patient and trust the process. The biggest mistake anyone can make on a diet is to expect overnight results. Weight is gained over a long period of time, and shedding it off takes time as well. Moreover, gradual weight loss has been proven to be more sustainable and healthier as opposed to rapid weight loss.

Enjoying the program is necessary to make the weight loss journey fun and less dreadful. In fact, the program also provides flex meals where participants can cook their own meals that comply with the diet. This helps to increase the range of meals available as an option. It also plays a great role in encouraging healthy cooking. Flex meals are, therefore, not an excuse to cheat.

Persistence is also a big part of trusting the Nutrisystem process. Men and women who enroll in the diet program must keep at it if they want to see great weight loss results. Falling off the wagon is normal sometimes but getting back up is a great way to make sure that weight loss goals are achieved.


Losing weight and getting the dream body is no easy task. However, with a good diet plan like the one Nutrisystem meal delivery provides, the process is made easier.

With the wide variety of meals and information resources that Nutrisystem provides, it is understandable why it is the top-selling home delivery diet in the world.

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