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GOLO vs Noom: How to Pick the Best Diet for You

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There has been a surge in popularity among two trending diets. The diets that have been gaining in popularity among dieters are the Noom diet and the GOLO diet.

While each diet has its share of die-hard supporters, each goes about encouraging weight loss in very different ways. The biggest challenge associated with choosing any diet has to be figuring out what diet is most sustainable for yourself.

After all, the success with any diet really hinges on whether or not you can maintain consistency with the diet and whether or not you can follow it long enough to maintain your results.

In this article, we will be going over a comprehensive comparison of these respective diets to help you decide which one you might want to go with.

Noom or GOLO: Features Comparison

Noom Diet Features

noom overview

When you are looking to lose weight with the Noom diet, you will be tasked with downloading and installing the Noom application. This is where you will personalize your weight loss journey by inputting key details about yourself to optimize the diet. You will be tasked with logging all of the food that you consume and keeping track of the exercise that you get in your daily life.

  • Color-coded system

In this system, Noom makes it easy to decipher whether or not you are consuming mostly healthy or unhealthy foods. The green portion is coded for nutrient-dense foods with the least number of calories per ounce. Whereas, yellow is coded for foods that have a moderate number of calories per ounce. Whereas, foods that are designated with red are those that have the most calories per ounce. This can give you a quick yet comprehensive overlook of how healthy your daily diet is.

The recommended breakdown for the Noom diet is (30% Green, 45% Yellow, 25% Red).

  • Personal Coach

Noom provides each user with a personal coach that they can rely on when they have any questions about their dieting or if they need the support of any kind. Each user will also be placed in a group where they can interact with other group members which adds to the motivation a dieter can have throughout the difficult journey.

  • Goal Oriented

Because the app utilizes an algorithm based on your current weight loss goals, current weight, medical history, and activity, you will be able to get very detailed dieting guidelines to follow that are personalized for yourself and your goals.

GOLO Diet Features

golo diet

The entire premise of the GOLO diet is based around the encouragement of eating healthy whole foods and pairing it with effective exercise to increase insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is commonly associated with obesity [1].

GOLO encourages a wide range of food intake with no restrictions. This is one of the things that makes the diet stand out as much more viable and sustainable for the average dieter. From there, the GOLO diet works to help control glucose levels by maintaining proper insulin levels and by repairing the metabolism through supplementation.

The GOLO Release supplement is required for this diet and it contains 7 different plant extracts, 3 minerals in a proprietary blend that are said to work seamlessly together to eliminate weight gain and to reverse insulin resistance [2].

  • Encourages Eating Healthy Foods

This diet requires no restrictions which is one of the main things that makes dieting so unsustainable in the first place.

  • Requires Buying A Plan/Supplement

You have to use GOLO’s proprietary-blend Release supplement in order to see results with the diet program.

Winner: Noom Diet

App-Based Vs. Traditional Approach

Noom Diet App

The Noom diet offers much more of a user-friendly approach to dieting. After all, having a mobile application that you can use to get personalized dieting advice and one-on-one coaching makes it an incredibly easy and intuitive approach to dieting. Because you can see real-time what your diet consists of and track your progress, it should encourage you to stick with the diet much longer.

GOLO Diet Approach

The GOLO diet is a much more traditional diet and requires you to purchase plans and a supplement to achieve your dieting results. Because of this, it requires more self-motivation and the ability to track everything on your own. As a result, it increases the ‘resistance’ to sustain the diet as it requires much more effort doing individual tracking and not being able to see real-time results.

Winner: Noom Diet

Price Comparison: Is Noom or GOLO Cheaper?

  • GOLO Diet Pricing

The GOLO Diet plan is available to purchase in 3 distinct categories ranging from 30-day which costs $50 to 90-days which costs $100. You will get everything you need with the purchase price of the specified program you go with including a guidebook, the Release supplement, and access to free support.

  • Noom Diet Pricing

The Noom diet charges a subscription fee starting at $59 per month. You can lessen this if you sign up for multiple months at a time and an auto-recurring plan.

Summary: Which Is Better?

The truth is, either diet can work great depending on if you are willing and able to stick with it. For those who would rather follow a traditional dieting approach, GOLO might be appealing as it resembles the traditional dieting program that you might follow.

However, because the resistance with the Noom diet is virtually non-existent, it is the diet that we would recommend going with for most people. They have taken the dieting approach and modernized it. Having an application that you can use to track everything makes dieting easier than ever before. Best of all, it utilizes a built-in algorithm to personalize your diet to accommodate your own lifestyle and body type to ensure that you are getting the right calorie recommendations. This is something that a lot of people have trouble with and it discourages them from continuing on their dieting journey.

Because Noom is so easy to follow and it doesn’t require the manual legwork required with other traditional approaches like the GOLO diet, it is easy to recommend to almost anyone.